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Write it down, make it happen (III)


I realized I never posted about my ideal career, even though that’s  a pretty hot item right now in my life.

I’m a very analytical person. I like to get to the bottom of things, I like to fact- check, and I just like to know why things are the way they are. Luckily, I completed a study where I have learned how to do exactly this. My ideal career would therefore be in the data- analysis field. The type of data I want to analyse doesn’t really matter to be that much, although I would ideally prefer performing analysis on data from a sector that I understand. I have been brushing up on my analysis skills lately, and I just know that I would be good at doing that. And that’s important to me, I need to be good at what I do.

My ideal job would also be one that would allow me to have a flexible schedule. Even though I love riding the train, love observing people while doing that and love quietly reading on the train while drinking coffee etc, working from home gives you the freedom to do other things while working. Like exercising at home, or doing some light housekeeping. Just those little things that you can do to break the monotony of sitting behind a desk, that would have a direct positive impact on my life. I feel I would be a lot more productive this way.

I would like to be intellectually stimulated by my work. I don’t want to just “do” things. No. I want to help think about how we’re going to “do”, and where we want to end when we’re doing what we’re doing. I’m not afraid of difficult tasks. I would love to be the one that’s able to complete those.

And of course my ideal career is one that pays well! I’m not going to Who doesn’t want a fat pay check! It’s not the most important thing, that would be me wanting to be good at what I do. But getting paid so that I can live a comfortable life is also important.

Now that’s my main career. I would ultimately either start working for myself while doing data analysis, or transform my other hobby, genealogy and history into either my main career, or a very profitable side hustle.

And now, off to make it happen!



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